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What does it mean to be a Phoenix

 "You need a Heart of Gold, an abundance of COMPASSION and an unrelenting drive to help shape people's lives for the better"

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What our employees say...


Private Leighann Ellis, RN/EMT-B 

“ I am honored to say I am Phoenix. I get to work in a field where my passion is the same passion provided throughout the company. I am able to excel and learn new skills with the support of a great leader who I have the honor to work with. Phoenix is making great strides and is at the forefront of Emergency Medicine and providing many new avenues to the communities it serves.”


Specialist Dock Henry, CAPCR1

"Working for Phoenix has been a life changing experience. I now have an extended family that cares about me not as a peer or employee but as a person. I know that if an issue arises in my life either personal or professional that the leadership of Phoenix will show compassion and understanding and will help me work through that issue. Its more then just a job its a family."


Specialist Nick Cunningham, CRS

"I have had several "jobs" in the past and Phoenix is not a "job" it's a company. Phoenix is a company that has shown me compassion when I needed it the most. The leadership at Phoenix has shown me that there are still companies that truly care for and value their employees. Phoenix has become an extended family by guiding me through obstacles both personally and professionally."  

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